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With over 40 years experience in the thoroughbred industry, and having been involved in the construction and maintenance of successful race tracks and training centers, Futura Tracks LLC's expertise in design using correct elevation has been a factor in minimizing stress and injury.

Today's demands to be competitive in the racing industry and the factor of keeping your horses sound, requires very crucial race track design. With a goal of achieving the safety factor, each race track is designed to your individual needs with your location in mind, researching the climate, rainfall and natural drainage. This is the beginning of the all weather race track.

Futura Tracks LLC offers turf course designs with recommendations on blends of grass or sod for durability in your particular region. We also offer a complete line of equipment to maintain consistency and a uniform cushion, from harrows, floats and water trucks.

Safety for the horse and the rider is our top priority. We design for the grade 1 performance. Futura Tracks LLC has designed, engineered and consulted on race tracks and training centers all over the world. Each race track with its own identity and challenges from location to weather. We also design, manufacture and supply a complete inventory of maintenance and equine equipment. Futura Tracks LLC set a goal to fill the needs of the Equine Industry. We are here to help.


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